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Module 1: An Overview of Commodity Market

  • Introduction to global commodity markets
  • Historic  Significance of Commodity Markets & International Exchanges
  • Interlink commodity – currency markets
  • Commodity Market dynamics
  • Product specifications


Module 2: An Overview of Currency Market

  • Introduction to global currency markets
  • The historic significance of currency markets & international exchanges
  • Introduction to currency markets and currency derivatives/ Introduction to commodity markets
  • Regulatory framework: policies, functions & rights Integration of markets and their implications
  • Currency Market Dynamics
  • Product Specifications
  • Current Challenges and Opportunities


Module 3: Operation of Commodity & Currency market

  • Membership criteria
  • Exchange Operation
  • Trading, Clearing & settlement
  • Inspection & compliance
  • Members Operation


Module 4: Fundamental Analysis- Currency Markets

  • Fundamental Analysis of Bullion - Gold / Silver
  •  Economic Fundamentals
  •  Behavioral aspect of Currency Markets


Module 5: Fundamental Analysis- Commodity Markets

  • Bullion
  • Energy Products
  • Base Metals
  • Agri


Module 6: Technical Analysis

  • Understanding Technical analysis
  • Construction of charts, bar/ line, Arithmetic/logarithmic scales,  Trend-line, Channel,  Support , Resistance
  • Pattens
  • Oscillators
  • Dow Theory
  • Introduction to Japanese Candle Sticks.


Module 7: Application of Derivatives in Commodity & Currency Markets

  • Introduction to Derivatives (forwards and Futures)
  • Currency/commodity Futures - Product Configuration and salient features.
  • Market Terminology - Open Interest, Volume, various positions etc..


Module 8: Pricing Commodity & Currency

  • Pricing of currency/commodity futures.
  • Pricing of Commodities Futures using Cost of  Carry Model


Module 9: Trading Strategy for Commodity and Currency markets

  • Strategy for hedgers
  • Strategy for speculators
  • Strategy for arbitragers
  • Uses of Currency/commodity Futures - View based trading, Hedging etc.


Module 10: Risk management for Commodity and Currency markets

  • Risk Management of the product – Margining, position limits and related concepts.
  • Risk management in Commodities Derivatives & Currency derivatives
    • VAR margin
    • ELM margin
    • Special margin
    • Position monitoring
  • Comparison of Risk management in Financial Derivatives and Commodities Derivatives
  • Risk management in both segment – challenges and opportunities


Module 11: Mock Trading and Case Study

  • Inter-Relation between Different Markets – Lessons for Currencies
  • Case studies on Catastrophe caused by Commodities Derivatives market
  • Commodities derivatives vs. Inflation – Much debated topic
  • Commodities in a globalizing economy


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